Iconic Baltimore Row Home Silicone Molds


If you’re a true Baltimorean, chances are you’ve lived in and among these mid-Atlantic architectural icons. Our rowhouse molds make jumbo cubes that stand upright in an Old Fashioned glass, just in case you’ve ever wanted to flood your home with whiskey. Or make a candle and slowly burn it to the ground! Looking for a more festive and less catastrophic idea? We bet you could make some awesome ornaments with these!

We have three different iconic Baltimore row house designs. Grab your favorite one and get creative. Or if you grab all three, build yourself a little city! And yes, they do fit right in next to each other. Once cast, each row house stands about 3 inches tall. Please thoroughly wash your molds before use.

Now for a limited time, we’re offering rowhome candles for sale as well here!

House 1: Rounded front

House 2: Flat front, slanted roof

House 3: House with porch

One of each type: You get one of each!

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