Our Story

Hey there,

We’re Ben and Clay. We’re buds, business partners… oh and our dogs are the very best of friends. 

Son of a Hon all started when early in the pandemic we began playing around with making really unique silicone molds using a new technique we developed which allowed us to capture a lot of detail, and do so at a low cost. We quickly found that our Baltimore inspired molds were really resonating with local makers and hobbyists, so we kept at it! Eventually we started using our own molds to make soaps and candles, which brings us to the Son of a Hon catalog you see today!

While we built this brand, we also found that people around the world were loving our made to order customizable molds for ice, soaps, candles, and more. We didn’t want Son of a Hon to loose it’s local charm, so we built out another brand: Siligrams. Hence you will see our logo is reflective of this partnership.

Our goal for Son of a Hon is to help bring charm and happiness into your home. If there’s anything more we can do to help do that just a little bit better, reach out to us directly at hello@honmolds.com.


Ben and Clay

Maybie on the left and Louie on the right are Ben and Clay’s best bud pups.